Web & Mobile Application Development

Software applications are now integral to most businesses and the use of these applications across different platforms and devices is key to efficient working practices.

Applications must provide comparable user experiences on these different devices and our team have extensive experience developing these bespoke, Microsoft .NET solutions.

This expertise extends across all platforms enabling us to develop rich user interfaces that function on the Web as well as mobile devices and tablets.

Code Desk

Responsive Web and Mobile Applications

Application development covers a wide range of sectors, industries and users but practically all applications are developed for the web and mobile use.
An essential part of the design of any application is considering the platform on which it is run. Is this for desktop use, web browsers and/or mobile devices. User interfaces are designed to be responsive meaning they adjust automatically to fit the device they are used on. Applications support all up-to-date popular web browsers.

Case Study

Remote content delivery application

The client requirement was to serve configurable data-entry web pages over the web to remote clients. The system has since been used in international airports and the head offices of large corporations within the UK to collect data from users.

The application is multi-tenanted and allows for client applications to be served data-entry web pages remotely. The data from these user input screens is then collated by the central application.



This allows for easily updating questionnaires and surveys on remote smart devices without the need to change the installed applications.

Reporting on the data is then via a cetnreal browser-based admin website.

Technologies used: Microsoft .NET Core, Java, Android UWP, SQLite

Roles: Technical and Business Analysis, Software Development, Support.

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